What your body parts say about your personality

25 04 2014

We’re told size doesn’t matter… but scientists keep finding new ways to suggest it actually does. A controversial study claims women with wider hips have more sexual partners and more one-night stands. Leeds Uni boffins say the broad-of-beam are more suited to childbirth and thereforekeener to romp.


Many will scoff – women with big hips presumably– there’s plenty of science to say physical attributes DO offer clues to our personalities. From height and hair to boobs and bums, our bodies are sending out messages…



People with large skulls don’t get so Read the rest of this entry »


Pity sex – The pros and cons

8 05 2013

You probably already know what pity sex is.
But just in case you don’t, it’s when one person has sex with another person just because they feel sorry for them. Anyway, pity sex can be a beautiful thing. But is it always a good idea? Before you have pity sex with some poor sucker, here are some pros and cons to consider, according to a so-called “sexpert”
from Fox News.

1. It’s uncomplicated, and you both know what it’s about.
2. It tends to fall into your lap without a lot of work or having to play games.
3. There are no strings attached, and it could eventually lead to a friends-with-benefits
4. By having pity sex, you don’t have to reject someone who’s already unstable. (???)
5. If done correctly…whatever that means…pity sex really can lift a person’s


1. Do you really want to risk pregnancy and STD infection for some jerk you’re not even that into?
2. You can make the case that ALL pity sex takes advantage of a person who’s already vulnerable, especially if they’ve been drinking.
3. You run the risk of setting yourself up as the emergency go-to whenever there’s a crisis.
4. You’ve heard this one before: Sex can ruin a friendship.
5. There’s always the chance that one person will fall for the other. If that happens, well, things are only going to get uglier.

Marriage and relationships

18 03 2013

Sex is a pertinent issue in relationships. Many couples view it as the ultimate bond between romantically involved persons, while others view it as a fulfillment of an obligation, marital or otherwise. In most married couples and those who’ve dated for long, it gradually becomes less and less attractive and is done less frequently. Various remedies have been put across on how to put the steam back to the romp, including improving grooming of both partners. What do you think causes the gradual loss of interest in sex by one or both partners in a relationship? What can be done to bring back the flame?

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