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21 02 2015

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19 02 2015

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A Billionaire’s advice to the youth on money

20 03 2013

Capital FM’s owner and business mogul Chris Kirubi is
known by his fans as a man who often gives
great advice to the youth via social media
where he is very active and recently he decided
to touch on the sensitive money issue. And this is the advice he has for youth who are
looking for quick ways to make money: Money this, money that! We’re always finding quick ways to make
money or just make a quick cut and move on
with life. But let me advice you my friends…Money is
good and makes life simple, however, just like
manure, it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread
around encouraging young things to grow. So as you spend that money on luxurious
things make sure you also invest in the right
things. Have a blessed day.


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