Amazing Bible facts: part six

26 06 2013

The commander of the army of Caanan was killed by a woman named Jael who drove a tent peg through his head (Judg 4:1-2,17-21).

How many of you, like me, have always heard that when Noah sent the dove from the Ark to see if the water had receded from the Earth, it returned with an olive branch in its beak? It wasn’t actually an olive branch, but an olive leaf (Gen 8:11).

I always thought that leprosy in the Bible must have been very contagious since it appeared to be everywhere, but research tells us that about 95% of all humans are naturally immune to it when exposed.

On Paul’s voyage to Rome as a prisoner, the ship he was on had 276 people (Acts 27:37).

Most of us know that Eden was the first city mentioned in the Bible (Gen 2:10). However, the 2nd city mentioned is Havilah, and it had gold, bdellium, and onyx. ‘The gold of that land is (was) good’ (Gen 2:11-12).

When the two witnesses are slain in the Tribulation, the people on Earth will give gifts to each other (Rev 11:10).

Supposedly, 4090 words appear only once in the KJV Bible (the last four are: Zoreah, Zorites, Zuriel, and Zuzims).

There are no ‘x’ words in the KJV Bible.

The spies that Moses sent into Canaan returned with grapes, figs, and pomegranates (Num 13:23).

Solomon spent 7 years building God’s Temple (1 Kin 6:38), but took almost twice as long (13 years) to build his own palace (1 Kin 7:1).

Nineveh was founded by Nimrod (Gen 10:8-11) (Noah’s great-grandson: Gen 10:1-8) in app. 2200 B.C. About 1440 years later (app. 760 B.C.), Jonah preached there. About 150 years after that, it was destroyed forever in 612 B.C.

Based on (Gen 5:21-22), it appears that Enoch may not have believed in God for the first 65 years of his life, until after his son Methuselah was born. It appears that Methuselah, who lived longer than anyone in history (969 years: Gen 5:27), died in the year of the flood (maybe in the flood?)(add up the numbers of Gen 5:26-28 & Gen 7:6). Interestingly, he outlived his son, Lamach who died 5 years prior to the flood at age 595 (see: Gen 5:28,30 & 7:6).

Demas, Paul’s friend and fellow worker in Christ (Col 4:11)(Phile 24), abandoned him right before he was martyred, having ‘loved this present world.’ He left for Thessalonica (2 Tim 4:10).

Aaron was 3 years older than his brother Moses (Ex 7:7). It was Aaron, not Moses, who threw down his rod before Pharaoh and it turned into asnake (Ex 7:8-12).

It appears that Moses and Aaron died in the same year. When they left Egypt, Moses was 80 and Aaron was 83 (Ex 7:7). Aaron died at the age of 123, 40 years after leaving Egypt (Num 33:38-39). Moses died at the age of 120 (Deut 34:7). Scholars who have studied the dates say the deaths were about 7 months apart.

After Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane, all of his disciples ‘forsook Him and fled’ (Mt 26:56)(Mk 14:50). John and Peter returned (Jn 18:15-16), but Peter denied Him (Mt 26:69-75)(Mk 14:66-72). Only John was there at Jesus’ crucifixion (Jn 19:26-27).

Sheep are mentioned more than any other animal in the Bible: 187 times.

The flask of oil that Mary poured upon Jesus (Mt 26:6-13)(Mk 14:3-9)(Jn 12:1-6) was worth 300 denarii (Mk 14:5). One denarius was equal to a day’s wages, so 300 was equal to a year’s wages (no money earned on the Sabbath).





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