Amazing Bible facts: part three

28 05 2013

The Bible records God the Father speaking audibly to Jesus 3 times while He was on the Earth: (Mt 3:17)(Mt 17:5)(Jn 12:28).

Jesus proclaimed His deity 7 times in the book of John by saying ‘I AM’ (Jn 6:35, 8:12, 10:7,9, 10:11,14, 11:25, 14:6, 15:1). Noah and his family were on the Ark for just over a year (Gen 7:11, 8:14).

The Earth has been completely covered with water twice: at the beginning of creation (Gen 1) and during the flood (Gen 7). Nehemiah, along with some other men, returned to Jerusalem after the exile and rebuilt it’s walls in 52 days (Neh 6:15)!

The Bible never says that there were only 3 wise men; however, tradition says that their names were Gaspar, Balthazar, and Melchior.

There was an unnamed river that flowed out of the Garden of Eden which parted into 4 more rivers: Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel (Tigris) and Euphrates (Gen 2:10-14).

Eden means ‘delight’ in Hebrew.

The first question God asked in the Bible was ‘Where art thou?’ to Adam (Gen 3:9).

Twenty different birds were forbidden food (Lev 11:13-19).

The first person to be called a Hebrew in the Bible was Abram (Gen 14:13). Only two nuts are mentioned by name in the Bible: almonds and pistachios.

Salt is mentioned 41 times in the Bible, but pepper is never mentioned.

The word ‘hate’ is used 87 times in the Bible, but the word ‘love’ is used 310 times.

The only angels mentioned by name in the Bible are: Gabriel, Michael, and Lucifer.

God parted bodies of water for 4 men in the Bible: Moses (Ex 14:21-22), Joshua (Josh 3:13-17), Elijah (2 Kg 2:8), Elisha (2 Kg 2:13-14).

After his conversion, Paul went to Arabia for 3 years (Gal 1:17-18).

The phrase ‘It is written’ (referring to the Old Testament) is found 62 times in the New Testament.

Babylon in the Bible was located approximately where modern day Baghdad, Iraq is today.

Psalm 110:1 is quoted or referred to more in the New Testament than any other Old Testament verse. The word ‘Psalm’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘mizmowr’ meaning ‘instrumental music.’

Nathanael, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, was from Cana (Jn 21:2), the same place where Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding (Jn 2:1-10).

Judas ‘Iscariot’ (Gr.Iskariotes) meant ‘Judas of Kerioth.’

There will be no marriages in Heaven (Lk 20:34-35) (Mt 22:30)(Mk 12:25). Jesus had at least 4 brothers named: James, Joses, Juda (Jude), and Simon as well as sisters (Mk 6:3) (Mt 13:55-56). (James and Jude wrote books of the Bible).

Christ means ‘Anointed One.’

An ostrich was the largest unclean bird (Lev 11:16). If an unclean animal fell into a container, the container was to be broken (Lev 11:33).

Under Old Testament purification laws, anyone stepping on a grave was unclean for 7 days (Num 19:16).

Zechariah (son of Berechiah)(Zech 1:1), who wrote the book of Zechariah, was murdered between the Temple and the altar (Mt 23:35). Moses is credited as the author of Psalm 90.

In the genealogy of Jesus (Mt 1:1-16: the ‘royal line’ through Joseph) are 4 women. Tamar and Rahab were prostitutes, Bathsheba was an adulterous, and Rahab and Ruth were Gentiles.

The phrase ‘under the sun’ is used 29 times in Ecclesiastes. Lawyers are mentioned 8 times in the Bible. Only Zenas (Titus 3:13) is mentioned by name.

Only Joseph is said to have been placed in a ‘coffin’ (Gen 50:26). Adoni-bezek cut off the thumbs and big toes of 70 kings. He was later captured and had his cut off (Judg 1:5-7).

God told Gideon to pick his men for war by how they drank water (Judg 5:4-7).

The camels of kings Zebah and Zalmunna had crescent ornaments on their necks (Judg 8:21). Those same kings (Zebah and Zalmunna) had killed Gideons’ brothers. When Gideon captured them in battle, he asked his firstborn (likely teenage) son to kill them, but he was afraid to do so, therefore, Gideon killed them (Judg 8:18-21). Gideon had 71 sons (Judg 8:30-31). One of his sons, Abimelech, later killed 69 of them (Judg 9:5-6).

Samson caught 300 foxes, tied them tail to tail, put a lighted torch between their two tails, and set them loose to destroy the fields of the Philistines (Judg 15:4-5).

Samson had 7 locks of hair (Judg 16:19).

David had a praise team of 4000 men (1 Chr 23:5).

There are 106 names beginning with ‘Z’ in the Bible. (Ezra 7:21) contains every letter of the alphabet but ‘J.’

About 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes were placed on the body of Jesus (Jn 19:29).

Noah lived for 350 years after the flood (Gen 9:28). Noah’s Ark contained only 1 window (Gen 6:16). Noah built the Ark with gopher wood (Gen 6:14). The Ark of the Covenant was made with acacia (shittim) wood (Ex 25:10).

Daniel prayed on his knees 3 times a day (Dan 6:10). Job said the white of an egg has no taste (Job 6:6).

A ‘Sabbath Day’s Journey’ (Acts 1:12) was about a half-mile. (This was a man-made tradition that determined how far the Jews could walk on the Sabbath.)

Paul was a tentmaker (Acts 18:1-3). Israel (Jacob) gave Joseph his coat of many colors when he was 17 (Gen 37:2-3).

Mary Magdalene had been possessed with 7 demons (Lk 8:2).

When the Israelites attacked a city, God said they were not to cut down the trees (Deut 20:19).

The Valley of Siddim was full of tar pits (Gen 14:10). Jericho was also known as the ‘city of palm trees’ (Deut 34:3).

There were 3 men named ‘Dodo’ in the Bible: Grandfather of Tola (Judg 10:1), Father of Eleazar (2 Sam 23:9)(1 Chr 11:12), Father of Elhanan (2 Sam 23:24) (1 Chr 11:26).

Horses are mentioned 150 times in the Bible. 150,000 laborers cut and carried the stone used to build the Temple (2 Chr 2:18) (1 Kg 5:15).

The Aramaic word ‘Raca’ used by Jesus in (Mt 5:22) was a word that was used as a sign of great disrespect towards someone. It basically meant the person was ’empty-headed.’

There are approximately 33 different birds listed in the Bible. Approximately 20 precious stones are mentioned in the Bible.

Lions killed people 3 times in the Bible (1 Kg 13:23-24)(1 Kg 20:35-36)(Dan 6:24). Three people also killed lions in the Bible: (Samson: Judg 14:5-9) (David: 1 Sam 17:34-36)(Benaiah: 2 Sam 23:20). Speaking of Benaiah, when he ‘killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day’ (2 Sam 23:20) (1 Chr 11:22), it is the only time that the Bible talks about it snowing.

Amos was a herdsman and grower of sycamore figs (Amos 7:14).

The daily provisions for Solomon’s palace were: 150 bushels of flour, 300 bushels of meal, 10 stall fed cattle, 20 pasture fed cattle, 100 sheep and goats, as well as deer, gazelles, roebucks, and choice fowl (1 Kg 4:22).

When David ordered Joab and the army commanders to count all of the fighting men of Israel, it took them 9 months and 20 days. There were 1,100,000 men (2 Sam 24:1-9).

When the Angel of the Lord sent a pestilence upon Israel, he was actually visible in the sky with a sword in his hand (2 Sam 24:15-17)(1 Chr 21:14-17).

David paid 600 shekels of gold (about 15 pounds) for the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. This was where God’s Temple was later built (1 Chr 21:14-17) (2 Chr 3:1). The plans for how God’s Temple was to be built were put in David’s mind by the Holy Spirit (1 Chr 28:12).





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