Amazing Bible facts: part two

22 05 2013

King Ahasuerus made a feast that went for 180 days (Est 1:3-4).

The only woman the Bible tells us to remember is Lot’s wife (Lk 17:32). Enoch was the first man to prophesy in the Bible (Jude 14).

Paul was guarded by 470 soldiers when He was taken to Governor Felix (Acts 23:23). Speaking of Felix, He is one of only 3 people in the Bible who’s name begins with an F: Felix, Fortunatus (1 Cor 16:17), and Festus (Acts 24-26).

A ball is mentioned only once in the Bible (Isa 22:18). Joseph is the first man mentioned as shaving (Gen 41:14). Cheese is mentioned 3 times in the Bible (1 Sam 17:18)(2 Sam 17:29)(Job 10:10).

There was a king named So (2 Kg 17:4), an altar named Ed (Josh 22:34), and a man named Hen (Zech 6:14). Sarah is the only woman mentioned as laughing in the Bible (Gen 18:12-13).

Paul had a sister (Acts 23:16). Boys didn’t officially get their names until they were circumcised on the 8th day after being born. Abraham was circumcised when he was 99 years old (Gen 17:24).

Can you find a place in the Bible where it says angels sing? Abraham got remarried after Sarah died, to Keturah. He had 6 children with her (Gen 25:1-2).

There are approximately 39 false gods mentioned in the Bible. Four of the false gods were women: (Asherah: Judg 3:7, 2 Kg 21:7, 1 Kg 18:19) (Ashteroth [Aphrodite to the Greeks, Venus to the Romans]: 1 Sam 31:10, 1 Kg 11:5,33)(Succoth Benoth: 2 Kg 17:30)(Diana: Acts 19:27,35,37).

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego are the only people mentioned in the Bible as wearing hats (Dan 3:21). Only those who breathed through their nostrils were killed in the flood (Gen 7:22).

Three of Benjamin’s sons were named Muppim, Huppim, and Ard (Gen 46:21). Jacob was buried with Leah and not Rachel when he died (Gen 49:31).

Embalming in early Bible times took 40 days (Gen 50:3). When Moses went up to Mt. Sinai to get the 10 commandments, he went up, then had to go back down, then up again before he received them (Ex 19:24).

Anything that walked on four paws was a forbidden food under the law (Lev 11:27). The six ‘cities of refuge’ were a part of the land given to the Levites (Num 35:6).

In the book of Deuteronomy, God was still taking care of the descendants of Esau (Deut 2:4-5). The Israelites left Egypt in the evening at sunset (Deut 16:6). There was a city called Adam (Josh 3:16).

God also dried up the Jordan River so His people could pass through (Josh 3:14-17). God rained down large stones from Heaven on some of Israel’s enemies (Josh 10:11).

Samson not wanting to marry a Philistine girl (who was not of his own people) was of the Lord (Judg 14:4).

The Gileadites tested people to see if they were their enemies the Ephraimites by making them say ‘Shibboleth.’ The Ephraimites couldn’t pronounce it right, saying ‘Sibboleth,’ and when they mispronounced it, they were captured and killed.

Saul was so afraid when they tried to make him king, he hid in some luggage so they couldn’t find him (1 Sam 10:22). Saul gave David’s wife Michal to a man named Palti (1 Sam 25:44).

The Lord named Solomon ‘Jedediah,’ meaning ‘beloved of the Lord’ (2 Sam 12:25) Absalom made a monument to himself (2 Sam 18:18). A man named Ben-hur was a deputy over Israel (1 Kg 3:16).

The pillars in front of the Temple had names: Jachin and Boaz (1 Kg 7:21) (2 Chr 4:17). Samaria was named after a man called Shemer, and bought for two talents of silver (1 Kg 16:24).

King Ahab built an ivory house (1 Kg 22:39). Elijah was a hairy man (2 Kg 1:8). God parted the Jordan River for both Elijah and Elisha (2 Kg 2:7-9, 14). Jehu was a crazy chariot driver (2 Kg 9:20). Elisha died from an illness (2 Kg 13:14). David had a son named Daniel (1 Chr 3:1).

Joab became David’s commander and chief because he killed the first person when David took over Jerusalem (1 Chr 11:6). The Gadites had faces like lions (1 Chr 12:8). David’s sons had a tutor named Hachmoni (1 Chr 27:32).

Esther was also called Hadessah (Est 2:7). Job had worms in his skin during his trial (Job 7:5). Solomon had black, wavy hair (Song 5:11). There were cities named Michmash (Isa 10:28), Hanes (Isa 30:4), and Sin (Ezek 30:15).

Kings Zedekiah and Ahab were burned to death (Jere 29:22). Herod had a brother named Philip (Mk 6:17). When Jesus was walking on water, He intended to pass by the disciples boat (Mk 6:48).

The prodigal son had spent part of his inheritance on prostitutes (Lk 15:30).

Andrew was a disciple of John The Baptist before becoming Jesus disciple (Jn 1:35,40). In the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden (Jn 19:41). Paul spoke both Greek and Hebrew (Acts 21:37,40).

The Sadducees didn’t believe in resurrection from the dead, angels, or spirits (Acts 23:8). Paul was unskilled in speech (2 Cor 11:6). Mark was a cousin of Barnabas (Colo 4:10).

Elijah prayed, and it didn’t rain on the Earth for three and a half years (Jas 5:17). David had two sisters named Zeruiah and Abagail (1 Chr 2:16). Jacob didn’t destroy his idols, he hid them under a tree (Gen 35:4).

God told the Israelites no animal of the sea should be eaten unless it had fins or scales (Lev 11:9). There were 6 steps to Solomon’s throne (1 Kg 10:19). Goliath had a brother named Lahmi (1 Chr 20:5).

Who wrote the book of Deuteronomy? Did you say Moses? Well he wrote MOST of it, but not ALL of it. He could not have written the last chapter (34), because he was dead. Most believe Joshua finished it. Joshua also could not have written Joshua 24:29-33, because he had died.

Jesus called Himself the ‘Son of man’ 75 times in the Gospels. Jesus was born during the reign of Caesar Augustus (Lk 2:1). Elephants are never mentioned in the Bible. However, ivory, which comes from elephants’ tusks, is mentioned 13 times.

Psalm 111 is called an acrostic psalm, because each line begins with a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet from beginning to end (22 letters).

Why does the Bible say that people were always ‘going up’ to Jerusalem? Because Jerusalem sits upon a hill, and no matter what direction you approach from, you will always be going up to it.

Absalom cut his hair once a year, and when he did what was cut off weighed just about 5 pounds (1 Sam 14:26)! Rachel was a shepherdess (Gen 29:9). Even though Leah and Rachel were both married to Jacob, Leah had to buy a night with her husband from Rachel for some mandrakes her son had brought her (Gen 30:14-16).

The golden calf which Aaron made for the Israelites was made ONLY from earrings (Ex 32:2-4). John The Baptist never performed any miracles (Jn 10:41). Abraham had sons with some of his concubines too (Gen 26:6).

Only two people died by hanging in the Bible, and both were suicides (Ahithophel 2 Sam 17:23) (Judas Mt 27:5).

Four squads of soldiers (16 soldiers) were assigned to guard Peter in prison (Acts 12:4). He was also chained between two soldiers at all times (Acts 12:6). Peter obviously knew he would never be a part of a rapture because Jesus told him how he would die (Jn 21:18-19).

David’s tomb was still visible in Jerusalem at the time of Pentecost (Acts 2:29). There was a place near Gilgal called the ‘Hill of the Foreskins’ (Josh 5:3)(see footnotes in versions other than KJV).

The Valley of Hinnom was a place just south of Jerusalem where the garbage of the city was taken and burned. It was burning continually. The Greek word for this place was Gehenna, which was used in the New Testament 12 times, and it was translated as Hell.

There was a man named Salmon (Ruth 4:20-21)(Mt 1:4-5)(Lk 3:32). A man named Judas lived on ‘Straight Street’ (Acts 9:11). Speaking of Barnabas, keep in mind that the only vowel in his name is ‘a.’ It is not Barnabus as many often spell it.

Elizabeth, the mother of John The Baptist was a descendant of Aaron (Lk 1:5). John The Baptist was Jesus’ cousin (Lk 1:36). There were 13 plagues in the Bible. There were 25 fasts in the Bible. Timothy was mentioned by Paul 17 times in his letters. Timothy had a Jewish mother and a Gentile father (Acts 16:1).

In (Ezek 24:23), the KJV Bible says the house of Israel wore ‘tires’ on their heads. Modern translations make this a ‘turban.’ A few Pharisees were converted (i.e. Paul, Nicodemus), but there is no record of any Sadducees being converted.





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