Kibaki’s Score Card

25 03 2013


Hon. Emilio Mwai Kibaki became Kenya’s third President in 2002, after winning the elections held in December of that year. His era was welcome by many Kenyans across the country, who had high expectations of the new regime. In Jan 2003, Kenyans were rated as among the most optimistic people globally at that time, owing to these high expectations. He went ahead to win the 2007 elections, securing a second 5-year term in office that ends in a few weeks’ time. As he completes his stint as the country’s head of state, many Kenyans concur that his administration has done a lot to revamp the economy and better the standards of living. High enrolment to school, improved infrastructure, vibrant economy, increased democratic space, among others, have been attributed to Kibaki’s administration by many Kenyans. As an individual, do you feel the outgoing government has done enough to make Kenya a better place to live in? Has it matched the expectations that people had ten years ago? What do you think are the strong points and weaknesses of the outgoing government? Have your say.




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