ICC trials against Kenyans

18 03 2013


It all started with the events that followed the 2007 general election. Lives and property were lost at a large scale, never before witnessed in Kenya. Soon, six Kenyans were named by the ICC chief prosecutor as bearing the greatest responsibilty in the violence. Cases against two of them were dropped at the pre-trial stage, leaving four others to proceed to trial. A crucial witness recently recanted his evidence, leading to the dropping of charges against one Amb. Francis Muthaura. Now his co-accused, president-elect Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, also wants charges against him dropped, because, he says, the prosecution relied heavily on the recanted evidence to confirm his case. Yet another witness has today (18 March) recanted his evidence against Deputy President-elect Hon William Ruto. What is your opinion on the direction the cases seem to be taking? Do you think there will be a single conviction arising from these cases? Why?




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